Five Steps To Work

Five Steps To Work


The 'Five Steps To Work' Programme has been developed to provide jobseekers with the best possible tools, techniques and resources to help them secure their next role.

The programme consists of five easy to follow, self-managed modules, to help you stand out from the crowd, create your professional and tailored CV and to help you prepare for that all important interview stage.

It is a programme to ensure all your bases are covered, you are well prepared for the whole jobseeking process and includes hints and tips to help showcase the best of you.

Five Steps To Work


Too often ignored, this covers the vital first step of thinking about yourself - your values, motivators and skills - and how these shape the kind of job you should look for and where your strengths can bring the greatest value.


We recommend you have a notepad and pen to take notes as you progress through this course. You will also need to have access to a word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or TextEdit).

Five Steps To Work


Building from a basis of self-understanding, this module helps you identify your target market - where to focus your search efforts and how to make the most of the channels of communication available to you - equipping you with everything you need to target your job search effectively. This is essentially the group of employers at which you should be directing and aiming to provide your talents or services. The job seeker will produce a set of advertising or promotional materials (usually in the form of a CV) that they will disseminate to those employers that may be interested in their talents or services. Get this match right and you will hit the bullseye. The reason it is done because it makes your job searching more efficient, targets the portion of the job market where you're more likely to get hired, and provides a better fit and happier employer which increases the probability of you getting the job.

Five Steps To Work


This module focuses on the all-important CV - how best to present yourself, how to tailor your skills and experience to each role, and how to deliver a powerful message to prospective employers.

The CV is what potential employers see and judge you on. It must include yoru name and contact details, technical and personal skills relevant for the role you are applying for, your work and volunteer experience, qualifications and education, and references.

People forget the fundamentals of picking the best format, start with a personal profile, build it correctly and spell check it. Your CV is your first chance to make a good impression, so a well written and aesthetically pleasing helps to make that all important good start.


For many people interviews pose the biggest challenge. In this module you will learn useful tools, tips and techniques to built confidence and help you sell yourself successfully in even the most challenging interview situations.

Don't underestimate the work needed to prepare for an interview, as it will help you to be more knowledgeable and in control, appear cool, calm and collectied in front ouf your prospective employer. Having anticipated what you will get asked in the interview and provide an opportunity to showcase what you know about the employer will stand you in good stead.

Five Steps To Work
Five Steps To Work


This modules contains a summary of what you've learnt and also provides post-interview techniques to help turn those all important interviews into firm job offers. This knowledge will help you to stand out from the crowd and increase opportunities of turning your interviews into jobs you want, where you can then excel and show your truth worth. It is time to turn your light on and really shine!


This course retails at £50 (Online Material Only), so please contact Polymath Associates for more details (029 2002 4106 / 07579 771822).

Five Steps To Work

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