Random Act Of Kindness Day

Random Act Of Kindness Day

Today is "Random Acts Of Kindness Day" and I would like to do exactly that! I'm giving away 20 places of my '5 Steps To Work' programme free for jobseekers based in Wales!

5 Steps To Work programme is an online self taught course helping you become the very best of yourself in this tough job market. Here is some information on the course.

😊 Module 1: Covers the first steps of thinking about your drivers and values.
🎯 Module 2: Helps you identify your target roles.
📄 Module 3: Is CV focused on how best to present yourself.
🛠️ Module 4: Provides useful tools, tips and techniques.
👨‍🎓️ Module 5: Addresses all the things you can do post-interview
to stand out from the crowd.

If you would like to know more or are interested d/m me or email at admin@polymathassociates.com

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